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Hello everyone!

I'm proud to anounce that I now have video and podcast up and running! Simply click on "videos" to view my performances. As well, I also have added photos of the APEGA Gallery and Gala event to my album "Original Works," feel free to take a look. I also have created a new album featuring a sliver of the advertising I have done through poster and program work. I am looking forward to updating and expanding this area in the future.

Furthermore, I have an addition to my series, The Botanicals, turning it into a 9-piece work from the previous five. The series is featured in its entirety below:


I have also uploaded and depicted snippets of my sketchbook in a more recent album simply titled: "Margaret's Sketchbook."

Here's a sample:


In Other News...

To be expected:

I was so enamored with the creation of my flower series, which was originally supposed to be one piece that my excitement and passion later turned into 3, then 5...that I decided to create a fantasy piece [which might turn into 3, then 5...] featuring the Lilly of the Valley and its folklore.

I have two other series planned with the thought of Desire and Mischief in mind.

Expect some intrigue to come your way soon!

**In order to preserve the wood, I oil each carving with natural Danish Oil and finish it with a gloss. Each wood piece is hand carved and/or woodburned, sanded, and completed with a smooth finish.

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