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My name is Margaret Koev and I created this website in order to showcase my artwork.

My work has been featured in several different shows and locations including, but not limited to: Oolong Tea House, Telus Convention center at the Apegga Art Summit show, University of Calgary.

I have studied in the Art IB program during high school and have experimented and practiced with many diverse mediums including: wood, woodburning, intarsia, oil painting, pencil graphic, pen, ink, calligraphy, conte, scratch art. Each medium establishes its own unique way of expression and it's through manipulating the medium's unique chracteristics and techniques that I created the art you see before you today.

I look forward to develop this website with the following pages in the future:

As a musician I look forward to creating a page on this website depicting my talent in music, updates featuring music pieces, music videos, and more are to be expected.

A web store is an option I'm openly considering and would like to create in the near future.

My ideas regarding the website are still very much raw, as they're elaborated upon you can expect great changes that will feast the eyes. This site is established to portray the unique pieces I've created and have yet to create. You can expect updates featuring upcoming pieces with a sketch done by the artist, myself, to portray an idea of what the final outcome will feature. Pieces are for sale, however, not every work is available as some may be all ready sold. If any piece inspires or interests you in any way feel free to comment or contact me regarding its price and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you. 






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